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How to place an order?

Simply e-mail us your price query:

To accept our price offer, you must make an advance payment amounting to 50% of the labour and material cost. You must pay the remaining sum by no later than the time when you receive the item.

What should I bear in mind to ensure that my jewellery stays beautiful for as long as possible?

Jewellery that is used or even just stored will inevitably begin to look worn, faded. It does not matter if you have a nice box for your jewellery, it will still be susceptible to natural oxidation. The biggest enemies of jewellery that reduce its lifetime are chloride-treated water, seawater, hairspray and perfume.

You should store each item of jewellery separately (in a case, bag or box) to exclude scratches and other damage from rubbing. Cleaned and dry items of jewellery can be stored in individual re-sealable plastic bags to prevent air access.

What if the ring is smearing the hand?

The skin under an item of jewellery can often become dirty due to the applied cosmetics and some distinctive features of the human body itself (sweating, pH level fluctuations, etc.). If this is happening to you, try higher-class jewellery that is less sensitive to such external influences.

Where can I learn more about jewellery?

You can e-mail your questions about jewellery properties, metal peculiarities and care procedures to

What about jewellery safety?

Each item of jewellery must be safe and it cannot in any way harm the person wearing it. Many people, especially children, are allergic to nickel. The nickel allergy will usually manifest itself as reddened skin, but in more severe cases the person can develop a fever and a slow to heal sore. Especially hazardous are those nickel-containing items of jewellery that must be worn pierced: earrings, decorative needles and so on.